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Welcome to the Politics of Education Association's Political Frames Wiki. Here you will find Conceptual Frames used in the study of the politics of education. We invite you to help us develop the Frames as well as introduce new frameworks that could be helpful to researchers in the field. Our goals for the Political Frames WIKI include:

• Create a user-friendly clearinghouse of research in the politics of education;
• Engage researchers in the ongoing development of conceptual frameworks focused on political issues in education;
• Create a community of scholars engaged in ongoing dialogue around the study of politics in education.

Each Conceptual Frame includes:
• Title
• Contributor's Name
• Alternative Names of Theory
• Tenets of Theory
• Theoretical References
• Application References

To use the Wiki as a reference:
• Look at the index to the left to see the available Wiki Pages.
• Click on the page of interest to see a description of the theory and relevant references.

To contribute to the Wiki:
Add to an existing Framework by clicking on a page to the left.
Develop a new page by clicking the New Page icon at the top left.
All Frames should follow the structure listed above.

Thank you for participating in the PEA Wiki Conceptual Frames Project. We look forward to your contributions!


Ann Allen